Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reading is out of this world!

The Scholastic Book Fair is always an exciting time of the year.  This fall the theme was To the Book Fair and Beyond: Reading is out of this world!  I had a good time decorating for it.  Check out some of the pictures of my library:

As you come up the stairs, this is the first thing that you see.

Then it is time to enter the book fair ---

The UFO is made from an old plastic swimming pool. 

Look at the top of this picture, you will see mini UFOs hanging around.  Those are made from styrofoam plates and bowls. 

The main desk.  All of the silver mylar was donated from a local company.  It is the lining you see inside potato chip bags! 

 This is outside in another part of the hallway.  We had a rocket building contest for the kids.  There were tons of entries! 

I love getting everything ready for the Book Fair and the wonderful feeling it gives kids to shop at their library.  It's their own personal little store!  ...and since I work in more than one building, I get to move all of this from one school to the next and do it again in the coming weeks!

*Most of the ideas here are taken directly from the company.  I made them and gave them my own flair but the originality of most things I cannot claim as my own.*

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Wow! What a great start to what will surely be a grat book fair!

  2. What a way to go out of this world! The students must have loved it. Our theme is fairy tales and we just had a parade. The little ones were super cute.

    Carson's Creations

  3. You've done it again Michele! I'm sure the kids love it and New London school district is VERY lucky to have you. It is easy to see how much creativy and love you have for your job field.

  4. What fun! Great decorations...and so creative!

  5. Okay this looks totally amazing I had to stop and post a comment before traveling on in the hop..I am on the fun fair commitee for my daughter and the pool UFO will so help us as we are doing a Space theme!!!

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