Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guest blogger - Sadie and her crayon canvas

My daughter Sadie and I have been seeing crayon art projects around a lot lately.  Sadie finally decided to give it a try.  She used a blog post from Kindergarten Lifestyle to help her along in the process.  Here she is to blog about her creation: 

Hi! My name is Sadie I just love do art projects and artsy stuff! And also enjoy  scrapbooking with my mom!

I was inspired to make this when I was searching for art projects for my sister and I to do. That's when I found this project.

I thought this was the coolest project ever. I thought I would give it a try:)

First we found a canvas that we had laying around, I got some Elmer's school glue, I also had to pick out crayons that I wanted to use. I glued them to the canvas. 

I let those dry and lied some newspaper down. Under the newspaper I put a big book to lean the canvas on so the wax would drip down.

Once the glue dried I got out a hair dryer on high and hair dried the wax. This is what it looks like then it is done:

I let it dry on the newspaper overnight to make sure it was dry.  I want to put it in a frame.  Mom says maybe a regular frame without the glass will work. 

I hope you like my project as much as I do!:) Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bandana Dress and Skirt

I was recently inspired by a crafting friend Linda and a post she made to Facebook.  When I saw the bandana dress she made, I knew I wanted to make my own.  So here are my adventures:

First, I picked up some bandanas from Michael's.  I sewed them together to make this dress: 

However, she wasn't thrilled with it. :(  My older daughter asked to try it on as a shirt and she loves it!  So new shirt for her :) 

I then wanted to make a skirt.  I was going to try to simply fold the bandana in half and sew a slot for the elastic.  I looked online however and found this cute tutorial.  So I went to Walmart quick and got some more bandanas.  This skirt is the result: 

She wanted the blue on the outside and as long as she was going to like it, I was up for it!  (She also doesn't hold very still for photographs!)

Now both of my girls have their outfits ready for the 4th of July! 

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