Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Valentine Mini Cards

Over the weekend I attended the Itty Bitty Valentine class at Archiver's.  It was a lot of fun and I picked up some little tips along the way.  I feel like I really got the bang for my buck with this class.  We did so many different things!

Here are the projects we made (again, this was from Archiver's - not my ideas):

We made six 3x3 valentines and one mini bag.

I used Liquid Applique for the cupcake top.  I never knew you used a heat gun for this and it was so simple!  Inside the bottle cap is a quilled heart.  I've never done that before either and it also was easy!  I'd like to give this a closer look sometime.

Then we embellished the envelopes as well.  A fun tip I picked up here was to use a border punch on the envelope flap!  Makes it so cute!

If you live near an Archiver's and have a chance to take this class, it's definitely worth it! I can also say I've never had Valentines ready in January before!! :)


  1. Wow... that looks like it was a super fun class!! The cards are ALL totally cute and the little bag is adorable! Wish we had an Archivers around here. :(

  2. What great execution! Thank you for sharing some tips!

  3. Beautiful cards! Everyone is a little tiny work of art!

  4. What wonderful valentine ideas! I love your creativity!

    New follower to your blog!


  5. Looks like you really did have a good time and learned fun new tricks!!

  6. There are so many things to learn in this craft!! Looks like you were the perfect student! Love the quilled heart!

  7. These are so cute!!! They turned out great :) I just checked out my Archiver's and I am going to try to attend the class on Saturday. Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Those are really cute! I did the mini valentine workshop last year and loved all the cards I made then. I really like that one with the quilling and the bottlecap. Maybe I have to make a trip to Archiver's! :)


  9. All of your mini cards are so cute, the little embellies are so creative!

  10. Soo jealous, we don't have an Archivers. These look so good.