Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guest blogger - Sadie and her crayon canvas

My daughter Sadie and I have been seeing crayon art projects around a lot lately.  Sadie finally decided to give it a try.  She used a blog post from Kindergarten Lifestyle to help her along in the process.  Here she is to blog about her creation: 

Hi! My name is Sadie I just love do art projects and artsy stuff! And also enjoy  scrapbooking with my mom!

I was inspired to make this when I was searching for art projects for my sister and I to do. That's when I found this project.

I thought this was the coolest project ever. I thought I would give it a try:)

First we found a canvas that we had laying around, I got some Elmer's school glue, I also had to pick out crayons that I wanted to use. I glued them to the canvas. 

I let those dry and lied some newspaper down. Under the newspaper I put a big book to lean the canvas on so the wax would drip down.

Once the glue dried I got out a hair dryer on high and hair dried the wax. This is what it looks like then it is done:

I let it dry on the newspaper overnight to make sure it was dry.  I want to put it in a frame.  Mom says maybe a regular frame without the glass will work. 

I hope you like my project as much as I do!:) Thanks for reading!!


  1. so much fun and glad to see someone actually try this out. Great job, by the way you so look like your Mom in these photos.

  2. Great job Miss Sadie! Can't wait to see it.

  3. Very cute project. I've been wanting to try this and now knowing it's pretty easy I just might. Way to go Michele getting your girls into crafting - after all they are the next generation of crafters.

    Adorable photos and great ideas.

    PS Your daughter looks just like you. Very pretty.

  4. I agree totally, this is a super fun project!

  5. What a wonderful project Miss Sadie!
    So glad you could show me how - really.
    This would be cool to match up some colors
    for a bedroom decor too.
    Thank you so much