Sunday, August 1, 2010

Had a great time with at the 2010 Summer CHA Super Show!

The Custom Crops booth was fabulous at CHA!  They had tons of Cricut carts for sale at really good prices and I picked up sme My Pink Stamper stamps that I've been wanting for awhile.  They also had a space for Robyn from MPS and her best friend, Karlee.  It was great talking to everyone there! Here's my picture in their photo booth: 

The banner says, "Having a blast at Summer CHA 2010!"

And here is me and Laura (my new friend described in my last post =]) in the booth:

The banner says, "Friends and fun at CHA 2010!" which we thought was perfect for us! 


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  2. I love the photo..I almost put the one of both of us but did not want to do that without your okay! Maybe one of us will win..(That is why I erased my other comment. I wanted to add the good luck on winning wishes.)