Friday, August 6, 2010

Wisconsin Cricut Circle Meet Up!

Well, my morning started off not so great, as I couldn't find the envelope of all my calling cards I made!  Even my husband was helping me look and we couldn't find it!  Oh well, I made a quick one that would suffice and out the door I went!  My day ended MUCH better though... keep reading! 

I attended the Cricut Circle meet up in Waukesha, WI.  It was a lot of fun!  When we first got there, we got to make hats that Cindy (a fellow Circlet who I hope I got her name right) made everyone! They were really fun! 

Shannon was running the meeting.  She is in charge of the Circle and what a fabulous job she is doing!  Can you imagine what it would be like to run a club for 3000+ picky but creative people?!  :)  Anyway, she talked about the Circle and what things we are hoping to see in the future.  There were are about 30 of us there, which made it really comfortable and an open atmosphere.  She answered any questions people had and told us a lot about herself.  I love her because she talks in whatever direction her mind takes her, which is exactly what I do!!  I thought this moment of her was so great:

After we talked, Shannon demo'd the Yudu machine and how it works.  She was very knowledgeable and was able to answer questions people had about the machine. And then she did the giveaways!  All you see in the above photo was given away!  Since it was such a small group, every person who went got a prize - isn't that awesome?!  I was one of the last people to get drawn and the prizes were dwindling when Shannon pulled someone's name and said, "You win an Imagine!" out of the blue!  Everyone was like "Whoa!"  That person said she already won one at CHA and passed on the prize so Shannon pulled another name.  That woman also passed, as she had won at CHA too.  Then Shannon pulled MY NAME!  I screamed!  :)  I am sooooo excited!!!  Omigosh, thank you Shannon and PC!!!!!  I am really pumped!  And also, so much thanks to the two women before me who passed (you can only have one per household, it says on the claim ticket).  I am really grateful!

Then we got to Yudu our shirts.  Here's a picture of mine and two in different colors that others did as well.  The machines worked really well. 

While we were Yudu-ing our shirts and things, we milled about and talked to other Circlets there.  It was a great time to talk to people and put faces to message board names.  It really was a great event and I think we all wanted to stay longer but they were kicking us out of the room for already being there almost an hour longer than we had planned!  Oops!  :)

It really was a great event and I encourage everyone to drive however far you have to to get to a meet up near you!  It is so great to meet other Circlets and learn about the inside workings of PC.  WELL worth it!!! 

Here is a picture of our entire group that was there today:

(Click to make it larger!)


  1. Glad you liked your prize - passing it up was hard to do but i am hoping that in the Circle we are all willing to share. I mean what would I have done with 2 Imagines? Other then sell it so sharing was much better - glad you were picked! Also, it was Kris S. who made the Circle headbands - they were awesome! We all looked goofy but that was the fun part.

  2. Mrs. Green I am so excited for you and the fact that 2 others passed it on and than you won..well that just makes it even more amazing. I wish I had driven in!!

  3. Jenny, thank you sooo much! You absolutely rock! And I agree that sharing in the Circle is the right thing to do and so many people are willing to do so! A woman behind me traded the Cake for the Expression and then the Expression got traded for a cartridge! Amazing!

  4. It sounds like you all really had a good time, and not just because you won an Imagine lol. Congratulations on winning one BTW, and huge kudos to the people who passed because they had won one.

    Love the hats! All this yuduing is starting to undo all the resistance I've built up about getting one lol. TFS!