Monday, August 15, 2011

2 month spending freeze

I'm still here!  I've been busy enjoying the last bit of summer and getting ready for school.  I have been cutting away with the Cricut but don't have the bulletin boards up yet at school.  I will share pictures of them when I have them up! 

I am joining L.B. from Cool Beans by L.B. in a 2 month spending freeze.  She has issued it as a challenge on the Cricut Circle message board and I will be joining her!  I'm a little nervous about this as I tend to buy more than I craft (**shhh..... I'm not really admitting that**) I have plenty of things I can be working on instead.  Plus, without making this a political discussion, due to my wonderful governor (insert sarcasm there) my take home pay will be less starting with this new school year.  So it's a great time to commit to not buying anything!  We are allowed to buy adhesive but I also have a big supply of that so I think I really will not need to buy a single thing.  Wish me luck!  :) 

P.S. - I got bored of my old blog look so I'm trying something new!