Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bachelorette Sash

Today I am so excited to share with you the bachelorette sash I made for a very good friend of mine.  Earlier I showed you the Bachelorette Bash goody bags I made and now on to the sash! 

First I gathered (i.e. purchased) the materials I wanted to use for her sash. 

 I neglected to take a lot of pictures of the process.  I'll tell you, it was a lot of guessing!  I've never made a sash before so I was just going for it! :) 

I got most of it sewn together and then wanted to plan out how the words would fit.  I used Billionaire as my font and welded the words together on my Gypsy.  I cut out a few sizes until I found the one that fit my sash. 
I used Wonder Under with my fabric and then cut it in the Cricut Expression, just like I would cut paper.  Then I ironed it on to the sash.  I did this before I sewed the sash entirely together because if it didn't work, I was going to have to sew the words on (and boy and I glad the Wonder Under worked!) 

Then I put it all together!  Here's a really silly (or you could say awful... look at the sash not me!) picture of me modeling it because I was so damn proud of it and excited how it turned out! 

A feather-y clip from Michael's holds it closed at the bottom.  This way it would fit her any way she wanted. And the clip matched our feather boas - see below... 
Then here she is opening it!

And three college besties: 

We had a great night!  :)  Skip To My Lou