Monday, September 6, 2010

Baseball game layouts

Tonight I made some progress!  Here are two baseball game layouts I made.  This means I am done scrapping the first half of 2009!  Yahoo!  :)  

The first layout: 
The only Cricut on this page - would you believe on the baseball cart there is no word "game"?!  So I welded Cursive 101 to make due: 

The second layout - left side:

This is the detail of the letters from Word Builder.  I used the hide contour feature on my Gypsy to hide the balloon and just used the letters from inside. 

Right side - although it isn't the same event, it relates so I used papers that match and the same font: 

And the two together will go in my book like this:

Baseball Cricut cart
Word Builders Cricut cart - used Hide Contour to get ride of the balloon shape
Cursive 101 Cricut cart

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