Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Going Places Labor Day Challenge

This is my entry for the Cricut Circle Labor Day Challenge.  We ended up having a lazy weekend at home so it's great to scrap these "everyday" pictures.  It sure felt weird scrapping something that just happened though!  I'm used to being a year behind!

Here's a close up of the title.  I had a lot of fun mixing two fonts to make it more eclectic looking.  I mixed Storybook and Cuttin' Up.  I welded them on the Gypsy and then welded a box behind it.  Then I cut twice, once with the box and once without.  That's how there are holes in my words.  Turned out pretty great!  :) 


  1. Fun pages!! OUr day was spent park hopping but I did not get a chance to think of the pages I will make yet!! Hope all is well. I have a card almost finished to send you...it has a silly twist..I thoguht of it awhile ago and still decided to make it even though..wlel you'll see next week some time

  2. Really a cute and fun page. Thank you for sharing.