Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hallway Banner

I am very excited!  At one of the schools I teach in, every teacher has a banner hanging in the hallway outside of their classroom.  This is a great way to decorate our halls, as well as help direct people to the correct places.  This will be my third year in this building and the sign I inherited was definitely in need of replacing.  So... it only took me two years but I finally sat down and made my new banner! 

A view of my banner looking down the hallway: 
My mom was in town and we happened to be going to JoAnn's and Michael's so... :)  I picked up the fabric I needed from JoAnn's in the clearance section.  I also got some Wonder Under to use for cutting my letters.  I was nervous to work with the fabric but my mom has made all kinds of things with a sewing machine so I knew I was in good hands.  I don't own a sewing machine of my own but my oldest daughter has a kid's sewing machine.  Well, after trying to work with that for awhile, including going to the neighbor's and borrowing some thread, my mom informed me that no matter what I might think, I do NOT own a sewing machine!!!  So we used Elmer's Craft Bond Adhesive Spray to glue all the border pieces of the fabric on. 

Then I followed the directions on the Wonder Under and cut my letters on the E, using Pooh Font.  I had cut test letters out of scrap paper and placed them on my banner first so I could figure out exactly what size I wanted things to be before I cut and wasted fabric.  I had a hard time finding Wonder Under.  Guess why???  Well, I thought I was looking for some kind of spray adhesive!  Turns out I should have been looking for interfacing.  Which I had no idea what that was either but it's by the fabric and looks like white paper but then you iron it on to your fabric.  Big learning moment in the store!  :) :)  Thankfully the lady at the JoAnn fabric counter was really nice!

I am so super excited about how this turned out!  I think it looks wonderful and have gotten some great compliments on it at school.  Also, a HUGE thanks to my mom, as I don't think it would have worked out with her support and help!!!


  1. Looks great and inspires me to cut some fabric.

  2. We did do a good job didn't we?!

  3. This turned out really nice! Now I've never tried fabric in my Cricut. Makes me curious what I could create with some fabric. I'll have to give it a try!