Thursday, April 14, 2011

March Spring Cleaning Contest

The monthly challenge for the Cricut Circle blog is to show some of the ways you organize. It must include at least 4 Cricut items.  I'll share a few pictures with you here of a few parts of my scrap space.  You can see a wider view of my scrap space on this blog post but my space has evolved since then.  It certainly has filled up from all the enabling that happens on those Cricut message boards, that's for sure!!! :)  Love you gals!  :)

Here is a view of my shelves above my work desk:

You can see that all of my carts are stored along the top, all in alphabetical order.  *Hey, I'm a librarian so yes, they are all in alphabetical order!*  I've started to move my Lite and Imagine carts down to the second shelf since I've somehow accumulated more than enough carts!

Here is a closer view of what is hanging underneath my shelves - my mats!  This ingenious idea was in a picture of someone else's scrap space so while I can't say it is my idea, it is awesome!  This are the sticky 3M hooks you can get in the home hardware section of any mass merchant.  I have one hook for my 12x12 mats and one for my 12x24 mats.  The bigger ones just hang down behind my table, as there is about a quarter inch gap between my desk and the wall.

The picture I entered for the monthly challenge is this:

This used to be a coffee bean holder in a Gloria Jean's coffee shop! I got this from a friend of mine and I love it!  It sits under my desk like this:

I pulled it out so that you can see a little more what's in it.  From left to right, there are six drawers:
1. Spray adhesive and painter's tape
2. Cricut replacement blades for the machines and for the slide paper cutter.
3. Cricut markers of all different colors.  I particularly love this because it stores them with the tips down so they stay fresh.
4. Cricut cords and Gypsy accessories.  It's so nice to contain them all in one place!
5. Punches
6. Roll stickers and more punches.

From the front.  Each drawer has it's own pull out handle:

I hope you like my storage ideas!

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  1. WOW! Look at all that organization! Good luck with the challenge! :o)