Thursday, April 21, 2011

More First Communion cards

I'm here to share with you two more First Communion cards I made using the Lite cart, Inspired Heart!  I love these.  The first is for my niece:

It is cut at 5".  I used my Gypsy to weld the background ovals to make them into a card.  I cut the top layer twice, once in the dark purple and once in white.   I then cut the white layer to be just the girl.  I tied a ribbon around her waist and added stickles to break up the image.
The second card is very similar to the first, except different colors and details.  This one is for my daughter.  It is also cut at 5".  I cut the top layer 4 times, once each in light pink, white, peach, and yellow.   Then I cut them apart and started layering them.  The light pink was the full cut first with the ovals, then the peach in the full girl, next the white for the dress, and finally the yellow for the hair.

After she was assembled, I added the details.  I took my bone folder and marked along her hair to give it some texture.  This is also the way my daughter says she wants to wear her hair on the big day.  I added the ribbon around her waist and some glitter to her skirt (hard to see in these pictures because there isn't that much - just enough to make it sparkle).  She is pop-dotted off the card.

Here is the verse inside, cut using the Centerpoint feature on my E, at 4".  Both cards have the same verse inside.

Here are the two cards side by side.  While I like them both, my favorite is the pink. :)

I'm glad to have finally used this cart since I have had it since Thanksgiving!


  1. These cards are so sweet. By the way you made my day (I admit it was made last week wed because i needed a pick me up, but your easter swap was so great!

  2. Wow... The cards are great!!! The colors really pop. Lots of details went into this one... Love 'em!

  3. Oh wow... these cards turned out lovely! :o)