Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thanks for the Memories frame

At the end of the last school year, a co-worker retired.  We have a small department and so we celebrated her retirement with a small party including cake, punch, and gifts!  This is the shadow box frame I made for the sentimental portion of her gift:

We had just gotten together earlier in the month for another retirement so I took the opportunity to get us together for a photo, knowing that I would be needing it for this!

I had already closed the shadow box and was ready for wrapping so I'm sorry about the glass glare!  I took pages from Old Yeller to use one in the background and another to make this flower.  I then used two cuts from Ornamental Iron to give the center a little color.  I used hemp twine and a button to finish it off.

In the bottom corner I used two ribbons from Michael's to add that "school" flavor.   I also used a Melody Ross tag to journal that we would miss her!

The top corner has an epoxy sticker from JoAnns and a cut from Ornamental Iron.

This was like doing a scrapbook page in a frame so I really enjoyed making it!  It was well received too! :)


  1. A very sweet gift, how wonderful of you!
    Great idea, thank you for sharing with us.