Saturday, May 18, 2013

LOAD18 - Be Jealous

Ah! I have been terrible about uploading my pictures here to my blog. I've gotten into the habit of doing my layout as the last thing before bed so by the time I get to uploading my pictures to the challenge I am beyond ready for bed.  While I am still having fun, some nights I find that I feel like my inspiration and creativeness is running out. I also am missing a lot of sleep consistently and that's starting to not feel the greatest.  BUT here I am 18 days in and have completed a layout every single day!

I am going to go back and post layouts as if I were to post them on their original day so if you are interested, you can take a scroll backwards through my layouts :)

Today's prompt was about jealousy.  I really wasn't sure what to scrap here but then I rifled through my picture box and found these from when I won a Cricut Imagine at a Cricut Circle meet up.  It was when they were first launched and you couldn't even buy them yet. It was a very exciting day!

(I'm not in love with this layout but it is what it is and I'm leaving it for now.)

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