Thursday, May 2, 2013

LOAD2 - Big Bear Hunt

Today was day 2 of LOAD513 and the piece of Clue we were given today was the knife. From this it went to "taking a stab at" something. I went with hunting, as that is a big part of our life. I have had these photos of my husband's bear hunt for a long time and while the pictures are all very similar, to my husband each picture is different. Therefore I put them all on this 12x12 double layout.

All of the journaling was done by my husband, a first for him. I thought the layout would be so much more complete and meaningful if he were the one to tell the story. I also think it will be a treasure to our kids when they are older. They will get to see his handwriting, hear his voice, and listen to his story. How cool will that be?!

The title was made with the Wildlife Cricut Lite cartridge at 3". The "hunt" was originally "The Hunt" but I cut "the" off to fit my layout.

I used hemp in the corners to add a little bit more to the layout.

Keep coming back each day in May to see layouts!

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