Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Bulletin Board

It was getting close to winter break time and while I wanted to put up a Christmas bulletin board, I went with winter so I don't have to take it down right away when we get back!  This is "Frosty's Favorite Winter Facts":

The title is made with Winter Frolic's Frosty phrase and then the rest is welded together in my Gypsy using Cuttin' Up font.  It's so much easier to put up a bulletin board with welded phrases than individual letters!

Frosty is inspired by one of the snowmen of Winter Frolic but I cut him freehand to be big enough for the board.

I cut snowflakes from every cartridge I owned that had a snowflake.  I wanted a huge variety, with very few of them being the same.  I used the following carts:
- Winter Frolic
- Locker Talk
- Graphically Speaking
- Doodlecharms
- Stretch Your Imagination
- Speaking of Winter

On a bunch of the snowflakes, I put facts about winter or snow.  Each snowflake is also decorated with glitter glue.  Here are a few of them:

I love the final look of the board.


  1. What an awesome banner!!!! You put a lot of work into it so I think it deserve to stay up a little longer LOL!!! I'm now a follower and I hope you can stop by sometime:) Happy New Year!!!!

  2. You rule the snowflake!!! Great board! Keep it up until Spring!

  3. Your bulletin board is great. I have made my word wall from Camp Out. We do not have too many bulletin boards in our school since it is a historic building, but I know there are so many possibilities. I make projects for my students as much as I can.

    Happy New Year,