Sunday, July 24, 2011

Banners from the Ohio Meet Up

There was a contest for the Road Trip to CHA that you could make a banner representing your state or country.  You can see the banner I made on THIS POST.  I promised I would take pictures of everyone's banners as they were hung around the room.  It turns out that due to the hotel's requirements, the banners couldn't be strung about so they all ended up on one wall together.  I thought there would be more but they do all look so great!

Check 'em out - a view of the whole wall:

Close ups from left to right.  I hope you see yours if you sent one in!  Remember, you can click on the pictures to see them larger if you would like to see more detail.

There's my WI banner!

The #1 winner was the pennant below that says Skyline Drive.  It has 3D elements that you really can't appreciate in the picture.  Beautiful! 

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  1. Thanks sooooooo much for displaying all of the banners! This is super great!