Friday, July 22, 2011

Ohio Thursday night dinner

Dinner was so fun!  I only took a few pictures because I was mostly busy gabbing with all the ladies!  Here we go...

Michael from PC stopped by to say hello!  He talked to the whole group about what to expect tomorrow and then spent time visiting each table.   Gotta love a WI boy!  :)  I took a picture of the back of him because look at his awesome shirt!

That's AmyS there in the red shirt, Makeupgirl217 in the middle, and Scrapalette taking a drink.  A HUGE thank you to Scrapalette for organizing the dinner!
Nadia talking to the Chicago crew...

I ate with Pinkbug (Kim, right) and Debbie (left).  They are so nice!  Just from the three of us, we represent the US friom  South Floirda to Wisconsin!  I love the variety of people you get to meet at these events.

That's it!  I know, not many pictures.  I promise to take more at the event and share!  Be back later!

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