Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thank you sign

There recently was a group that put on a benefit for a wonderful man named John.  John is an older gentleman who has been having some health issues.  He lives in a small, Northwoods community and he is the man you would call if you need help, an odd job done, a buddy to do something with.  Rather than calling it a benefit and having it's purpose be to raise money, the purpose of the get together was to thank John for all he has done for you and to celebrate him.

I was asked to make a sign for near the entrance to direct people where to bring cards if they brought one.  John loves to fish among other things so here is what I came up with on a piece of white foam board:

The fisherman is straight out of Everyday Paper Dolls, cut at fit to page, which I believe ended up being a 9 inch doll.  The accessories are cut at 9" to fit.  I cut the basket a few times to get the pieces that I wanted to make a flap to cover his big catch o' the day.  (I have a thing about the faces on EPD so I left that up to the woman who requested the sign, if she wanted to outline his face or leave it plain.  You can see the cuts when you are up closer to the sign than this picture shows.)

The font is Alphalicious.  I used the phrase feature for thank you and the regular letters for the rest.

I didn't attend the event but I heard John was very well thanked by many of his community members!  I think that was such a great idea, the thank you party!

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